The US–Africa Bridge Building Project links economic inequality activists and social movements to strengthen collective efforts for tax justice at all levels of the global economy. The project is rooted in the African concept of Ubuntu: I am because we are. Ubuntu centers the bonds of common humanity that tie us all together.

Photo credit: ActionAid

About the Project

The US–Africa Bridge Building Project is an initiative to catalyze engagement between local struggles and global problems and promote mutual solidarity between Africans and Americans working to end corruption and tax injustice.

Transnational Solidarity

As the coronavirus pandemic and the climate crisis make clear, threats to our common welfare cannot be confined by borders and walls. Collaboration across borders is essential.



In a society in which the interests of the people are represented, however imperfectly, government is an essential tool for providing public goods. Taxation is the essential tool to provide resources to meet common needs such as education, health, public safety, protection of the rule of law, physical infrastructure such as roads and bridges, and more.

Credit: Tax Justice Network-Africa